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Landlord and Tenant Resources
The following is a list of resources for Landlord and Tenants. Please contact the Agency with any questions or for additional information.

Rental Relocator

If you are a renter looking for an apartment or a landlord with an apartment available, our Housing List can help! We update it monthly and list available apartments in the area. Click the link below to see our most updated Housing List. If you're a landlord and would like to include an available apartment on the Housing list, please call (315) 946 6992.  Please note that we make every effort to keep the list current, but occasionally there are apartments on the list that have already been rented.

Housing List.pdf
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HQS Inspections

If you are a landlord participating in the section 8 program, the apartment being rented to a Section 8 participant must pass an HQS (Housing Quality Standards) inspection before move in and annually thereafter. To give you an idea of what our inspector will be looking for, click the link below to view our HQS inspection worksheet.
Inspection Checklist_2.pdf
Inspection Checklist

Tenant Rights

It's imprtant for both tenants and landlords to be familiar with the rights of tenants. The link below will take you to the NYS Renter's Rights Guide. The Agency can also assist tenants and landlords in resolving issues. Please call for more information.

NYS Renter's Rights Guide

Lead Safety

Many apartments in our service area are in older buildings where lead paint can be a concern. Click the link below for a pamphlet on protecting your family from lead in your home. Landlords are required to provide this pamphlet to tenants in any housing built before 1978.
Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home

Landlords should have tenants sign a disclosure form that they received the pamphlet. Click the link below for a sample disclosure form.
Disclosure Form

The Agency also provides lead testing services. Click the "Programs" tab above for more information.